Jony and Phil got into a fight over me in Caffe Macs

This is going to get out so I figure I might as well just tell the real story here rather than have Valleywag spread a bunch of lies and half-truths. Jony was in Caffe Macs yesterday and ran into Phil. Phil made some crack about our spa day. Jony made some crack about Phil’s shirt. Next thing they’re pushing and shoving, and then one of them threw a punch (it’s unclear which one hit first) and then it was on. They flew over a table, scaring the shit out of a bunch of our design people, and landed on the floor and were rolling around in one of those ugly kind of old-guy fights that nobody likes to watch. Finally they were pulled apart. The photo above was taken just afterward, as things were returning to normal.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t there a teeny tiny piece of me that totally gets off on the idea of having two popular boys fighting over me in the school cafeteria? Oh you know there is. Big time.