Jony and I are doing a spa day

It’s something we’ve been promising ourselves for months now and finally we just said if we don’t actually book the thing and do it we’re just never going to get there. So we booked an appointment for today, during the company-wide Thanksgiving week vacation. Naturally I can’t tell you which spa we’re going to. But we’re doing the full-on eight-hour treatment with thermal mud baths, mineral water soaks, seaweed wraps, cucumber facials, ninety-minute massages — the works. Probably means I won’t be able to blog much today. Just whatever I can sneak in using my iPhone. In fact this week is going to be light since I’ve promised myself that I will take some downtime and recharge the batteries and gear up for the big holiday season. Tomorrow Jony and I are going up to Green Gulch for a day of meditation and spiritual work. We rented out the whole place so there won’t be anyone else there to distract us.

Everyone at Apple has just been working so hard all year and we really need the break. Plus, first thing Monday morning we are going to start rehearsals for Macworld. So I need some time to gather my thoughts. Bear with me. I know it’s hard for you when I’m not there for you five to ten times a day. It’s hard for me too. Okay, I have to go. The limo just pulled up outside. Peace out.