Honestly, I’m flattered. But at this point I’m really leaning against it.

Much love to dear reader Acid Gurl who created this image and is organizing a movement to recruit me to jump into the race as a third-party candidate. The team is proposing a Gore-Jobs ticket. I’m leaning toward a Jobs-Jobs ticket which would spare me the hassle of having to let Al Gore pretend to be in charge while I do all the work of telling him everything he has to say every time he appears in public. Fact is, I’m pretty sure I could fix things in Washington all by myself and without much effort. I could get us out of Iraq, make peace with the South Koreans, solve global warming and still run Apple and Disney. But do I really want to do all that work? The big hassle for me, frankly, is that I don’t want to leave the Bay Area. If they’d move the White House to Palo Alto I’d maybe consider it. A.G.’s people are looking into it but at this point I’d say the chances are pretty slim.