First they copy our phone. Now Google is copying our slogans.

Much love to Tom for alerting us to this infringement. See here. Andy Rubin, ex-Apple guy and now Google guy running the Google phone project, is profiled in the New York Times, and a pal of his describes Andy’s philosophy this way: “It’s the classic Rubin thing: You do it for the sake of doing it and because it’s cool, and as a result there’s a childlike innocence about it.” Childlike innocence? Exsqueeze me? Google, you are dancing dangerously close to a trademarked Apple slogan, and you need to start watching yourself.

Which raises a point that I’d like address about this Google phone. Squirrel Boy figures he can get away with this shit because he’s on my board and we’re supposed to be buddies. Or he figures he can just sweet-talk me and blow sunshine up my butt and I won’t figure out that he’s trying to stab me in the back. Worse yet, I think he figures I’ll hold my punches because he and Jerry York saved my ass on the options backdating thing by masterminding our internal investigation. He thinks he’s got me by the short hairs because he knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak. Well to hell with that. Squirrel Boy wants war, he’ll get a war. I don’t care if he’s on my board. I don’t care if we’re supposed to be friends. First of all, we’re not friends. I don’t have any friends. Second of all, I’m the original back-stabbing buddy-fucker. Ask Woz. Or Fred. Mark my words. By this time next year Eric is going to be under a bus; and I’ll be behind the wheel, laughing my evil laugh.