Contest: Help us find MySpace talent

So here’s the thing. We’re toying around with this idea about having our own record label, focusing at least in part on new or unknown or underappreciated acts. We’re doing this because people keep telling us there’s so much cool stuff out there. I’m not so sure but anyway we’ve got a pack of interns scouring MySpace looking for acts.

Also, we could your help. You get the gist of this, right? I mean we’re looking for the coolest, grooviest, bestest acts you can find on MySpace. People say it’s just a pack of wannabes and losers but I know there must be some hidden gems out there. Please, people, send in your faves and we’ll spotlight them here on the blog. YouTube videos are also eligible. Once we gather up enough artists we can have a contest: Best Unsigned Act on the Internet.

For an example of the kind of stuff we like check out this crazy cat. He hails from Toronto, has an awesome rocker mullet and plays a mean blues guitar. Some call him the Canadian Stevie Ray Vaughan. Others call him the white Hendrix. (Apparently they are unaware that Robin Trower already holds that title.) Still others call him the William Hung of the Stratocaster.

“Blue Cheese,” the first song that plays when you pull up his page, is a studio number and just a fantastic blues tune, very original and creative. The live tracks are just jumping too. Hope you enjoy the work of Canadian Stevie, and send in any recommendations.