Confession: Sometimes I listen to 107.7 The Bone

Fair enough. This is super embarrassing. Because I’m a huge jazz lover and a total aesthete. But sometimes, when I’m driving on 101 or 280 and I’m by myself, I listen to moron rock on 107.7 The Bone. It’s the local classic rock station aimed at knuckle-draggers and yet there I was yesterday motoring down the freeway listening to a Lynyrd Skynyrd rock block. I mean I have lots of other choices in my Jobs Mobile, including a terabyte of Pod Storage built into the dashboard and every digital satellite feed in the world. But there I am, rocking out to “Gimme Back My Bullets.”

I blame this all on Bike Helmet Girl. Meeting her at long last has just changed my life in some ways that are hard to define. Definitely put a spring in my step. Not that anything has happened, because it hasn’t. (Larry says I’m a putz and “not a closer,” but he just doesn’t understand.) My thing with Bikey is on a different level. It’s beyond physical. It’s spiritual. We’ve been doing some intense work and she’s really helping me unblock some things and let go of some bad energy. Her whole thing is about energy and flow and listening and perceiving and recognizing where things want to go and then going there with them, rather than fighting the flow. I was telling Jonny about this yesterday when we went for our daily walk around campus. We did this exercise where we sat on the ground and held hands and just felt the energy flowing between us. Totally amazing. Now Jonny wants Bikey to come in and help his team work on their chakras and energy realignment.

Bottom line: I feel young again. It’s kind of amazing. Now I must sign off because I just had the most amazing revolutionary idea that is totally going to put a dent in the universe and change the course of human history. I have to rush into work and invent it before I lose the inspiration. Peace out.