Caption contest — crank away

Well, here’s our first PhotoCrank caption contest and we’re going straight for the hardcore blasphemy. Or heresy. Or something. Anyway it’ll for sure drive away the born-agains who’ve been lurking here lately. The illustration was created by a dude named Marco who apparently leads a cult that worships me as a kind of saint or demigod. Marco says the group would like help creating a few slogans or prayers or something. So have it. Much love to Marco.

The idea with PhotoCrank is to automate the process of posting captions so we don’t have to overburden poor Iulia and Natasha, our interns in Krasnodar. All of us, but especially the interns, send love to the good folks at PhotoCrank. To check out the PhotoCrank site, go here. Namaste. I honor the place where your captions, Marco’s picture and my blog become one.