Borg funds hate study on Leopard

See this disgusting piece in eWeek (a Microsoft-owned publication) saying that Leopard has security problems. Money quote: “The short answer is the Leopard firewall is … ugly and a step backwards from 10.4,” says some jackass. I told Katie that from now on we do not talk to eWeek. She informed we me haven’t ever spoken to eWeek; all we’ve ever done is let our PR robot avatars read our spin scripts. Too bad, eWeek. Now you’re not even going to get the robots. Your bad.

One more thing. I just want you to know something. Stuff like this, stories like this — it hurts. Okay? It hurts me personally. I know people don’t realize how software gets created. They think it just falls out of the sky or something. They don’t realize all the people who work so hard for so many years to create something really amazing. And then in five minutes some dipshit from eWeek takes a crap on it. I am telling you this because there are some really incredible human beings who gave up big parts of their lives to make Leopard a reality. As lead developer and chief Leopard software architect, I’m one of them. I gave up more than anyone, probably. And did most of the coding myself. Not the actual code because I don’t actually know how to write code. But I wrote a kind of architectural Jobsian meta-code just by hand, in plain English, that the programmers could turn into computer language or whatever. Spent huge amounts of time on this. Drawing and redrawing. Lines, arrows, little commands. Basically all the high-value-add stuff. So thanks, eWeek. Thanks for the cheap shot. You tiny, tiny people.