Bertrand Serlet recalled to his home planet

Well it’s a sad day for all of us here in Cupertino. Bertrand Serlet, the friendly cyborg from the future who has lived among us and helped guide our software development efforts with such skill, has been recalled back to his home planet. We’ll have a little announcement at town hall this Friday with a cake and ice cream. Bertrand has been instrumental in guiding our OS X development and now that Leopard is out the door Bertrand (real name: Belar) felt this was a good time to heed the call of his people on Gallifrey One, who need him to help fight off some invaders in the future or something.

At first I feared this was just a ploy so Bertrand could go work at Facebook. Or join Jon Rubinstein at Palm. Bertrand insists this is not so. Just to be safe, we’ve offered to make Bertrand an Apple Fellow, which means we keep paying him so he can’t work anywhere else. I’m pleased to say that he’s graciously accepted. He’ll commute in once or twice a year, but mostly he’ll be working from his own planet. Sort of like Bill Joy. Much love, Bertrand. O traveler of time, you have brought a vision of peace to our galaxy, not to mention a great deal of truly sweet software. For your countless contributions to our company and to our planet, we thank you.