Another XO lawsuit on the horizon

Breaking news. Not only are the Nigerians claiming that OLPC stole their keyboard technology, word among our UI engineers is that another shitstorm is brewing for the OLPC team over their “innovative” user Sugar interface (top photo) which turns out to be almost a direct copy of the Robotron video game (bottom). For more info on Robotron, go here.

For what it’s worth our UI designers have been studying the Sugar interface and the general sentiment seems to be that it makes no fucking sense at all. I know, I know — we’re not supposed to scrutinize or evaluate this new machine, we’re just supposed to jump up and down and cheer. It’s the same with all these freetard projects. It’s like waking up to find out your dog can talk. Who cares if what he says is absolute nonsense, right? It’s still amazing.

Anyway, in the spirit of Apple snarkiness, I’ve listed some comments from our UI team message board:

“Instills a child-like sense of befuddlement.”

“Hey, the Commodore 64 is back? Awesome!”

“Did Cingular pay for that product placement of their logo? Are they a sponsor?”

“Robotron has a clear case on this one.”

“I’m confused. How do I make the rival gangs attack each other?”