Yes, I said Christmas. But I didn’t say which year, did I?

Huge surprise. That fantastic hundred-dollar laptop is going to slip again, as they’ve found yet more bugs. Ahem. Hard to imagine, right? I mean who would think they’d run into all these problems with a brand-new hardware design and a brand-new operating enviroment? Notice that in this story they’ve got Mary Lou Jepsen taking the fall, and Professor Negroponte is nowhere to be found. Must be busy preparing the big keynote address that he’s giving at this year’s CES show on January 9 in Las Vegas. No guff. They’ve actually invited this guy to give a keynote address at a consumer electronics show. Word is the one-hour address is going to be 97 minutes long, and won’t be ready until mid February. Oh, and some of the slides won’t work right. But it’ll be amazing. Earth-shattering. A breakthrough in keynote speeches! Tears to the eyes. The kids! Just think of the kids! David Pogue has already written his rave review.