Wow, some guy named Anil is unloading on me

See here. Anil Dash says we’re being all smug and ugly because we make fun of Windows in one of our ads. Money quote: “Perhaps most disturbingly, it’s not at all implausible that this little easter egg was, at least implicitly, approved by Steve Jobs himself. It’s a whole ‘nother post to explain why that level of meddling megalomania is kind of pathological for a multi-billion-dollar global corporation, but let’s not digress too much. Suffice to say, the presence of this image means that there’s permission to be this passive-aggressive and, well, lame at all levels of Apple’s organization.”

I’m not even sure where to go with this. I got so angry reading this vicious attack piece that I just started shaking. Ja’Red had to come in and bring me my bottled oxygen. People have no idea how sensitive I am. Negativity of all kinds just really upsets me. I know it’s a free country and people like Anil can write or saw whatever they want. But I really need to keep this stuff out of my zone of focus. It hurts, people. It really hurts. Now will someone please bring me a mango smoothie and make sure there are no damn chunks in it? Thank you.