We need to slow down our iPhone sales

I’m getting loads of mail from people about our recent decision to limit customers to two iPhones apiece and to force them to pay with credit cards. I’m sure you’ve seen all the stories, like this one, where the theory is that we’re doing this so we can keep track of who buys phones and try to prevent hacking. Which is true. That’s part of it. But the real reason is that iPhone sales are just way ahead of our projections. In fact according to our market researchers iPhone is the fastest selling consumer electronics product in world history. Nothing else has ever even come close.

You’d think that would be a great thing, and it is, sort of, but Jennie Falcone, my karmic repatterning therapist, says we’re once again at risk of putting out too much new technology too fast. Especially with iPhone about to drop in England and France and, as some of you may have heard, also in Canada. Which ought to make this guy happy. But you have to be careful on these things. We need to keep iPhone special, and exclusive. We don’t want to have another Motorola RAZR on our hands.

To those of you who wanted to buy five or ten iPhones as Christmas gifts, I’m sorry. But I’m sure you understand where we’re coming from on this. Peace.