Totally unauthorized

This is a poster that went up on the campus of the University of Massachusetts. Good old Zoo Mass apparently has a lot of music thieves. Who knew? Best thing though is if you check out the flickr page where this is posted you’ll see some pretty funny strident comments from typical amateur lawyer types arguing over copyright law and fair use. God I love when simpletons argue about legal issues and get all vexed and pedantic. Endless entertainment.

Kids, BTW, FWIW, we don’t give a shit what the law says and neither should you. You stole our idea. If we want to fuck you up, we will fuck you up. Plain and simple. If we want to make your life a living hell, we can and we will. If we tell you to take down the posters and paint your asses red and jump around like baboons and send us a videotape of yourselves doing it, you’ll do it. Got it? Good. Now don’t you have a paper due? Get back to work. And stop stealing music. Much love to Matt for the tip.