Toronto arrangements

Folks, this post exists only so we can use the comment thread to work out arrangements for some kind of dinner and/or party on Oct. 18 in Toronto. Okay? Let me know who’s interested and where we should go. I have no idea where anything is in Toronto but will be staying in the Metropolitan Hotel on Chestnut Street. Anything reachable by taxi would be fine. Pub type place would be best, I think.

FYI, the book will not be out yet as of the 18th. So we will just have to hang out and do yoga, I guess. I will have some free fake $100 iPhone coupons, however.

UPDATE: We’ve settled on the Madison Avenue Pub. Hope that’s okay for everyone. Dear reader Stephen is making arrangements for us there this weekend. Plan is to be there at 7 p.m. on Oct. 18. Bring yoga mats and Pilates equipment. I’ll have an iPhone for ogling and making prank phone calls to John Sculley.

For info on the Madison Avenue Pub, see here.

UPDATE #2: Stephen is booking some space at the pub and asks that anyone who wants to attend please send him an email so he can get a handle on how many people will be there. He needs to give the pub guys an estimate.

His email:

Okay? Thanks. See you all on Thursday.