Today’s AOL layoffs: Complete list here

Only kidding. We have no idea who’s getting cut but apparently it’s a lot of you. And look. Listen to me on this, you soon-to-be-ex-AOLers. Don’t bother moving to California, because we don’t want you here. Okay? Seriously. Don’t pull some modern day version of the Okies fleeing the Dust Bowl and all pack up your Volvo wagons and head for the Valley. Real estate is nuts enough here already. And the fact that you’ve been working at AOL just makes people giggle. They’ll say things like, “AOL? Are they still in business?” Or: “So your last job was at AOL. So what have you been doing since 1998?” Or something like that. All joking aside, it really is sad to see thousands of AOL folk getting the axe. It really makes me sad. Really. Okay, not really. I’ve hated you bastards since I tried to cancel my membership and you wouldn’t let me cancel until you kept me on the phone for an hour, making me answer questions. Silicon Alley Insider has the full scoop here. (Photo: Burt Hammer, National Geographic.)