This place is leaking like a friggin sieve

Gone are the days when we had better security than NASA, I guess. First, BusinessWeek gets the SDK a day before we announce it, and cites multiple sources. Now some a-hole has leaked this memo which I sent around yesterday. Good grief! Moshe is all over this and I swear we will have the perps in thumb screws by the end of the week. Peace. Namaste.

From: Steve Jobs
Date: October 16, 2007 9:30:42 AM PDT
To: Apple
Subject: Thanksgiving Week


We have accomplished a lot so far this year – the launch of the iPhone, the all-new iMacs, a beautiful line of new iPods, incredible new software applications, and Leopard coming at the end of this month! Everyone has worked hard and we deserve a break. So we’ve decided to shutdown (with pay) on November 19, 20, and 21 so everyone can have the entire Thanksgiving week off.

Well, not quite everyone… A few groups will need to be active during the November shutdown, so these employees will take three other days off, to be scheduled with their managers. And since Thanksgiving isn’t a worldwide holiday, our international organizations will schedule their three-day shutdowns for a time during the quarter when it makes the most sense for them. The shutdown will apply to all full-time employees worldwide.

Please enjoy this well-deserved break. Rest up, and enjoy your families and friends.