Some more info on the SDK

So here’s the thing. I’m getting some email from people taunting me about this SDK issue and saying that I promised the SDK itself would ship this week and instead we just had an announcement of an SDK coming in February. Okay. Here’s how things stand. We could ship the SDK today. It’s all ready to go. And the original plan was to do exactly that. But then a few days ago the engineering nerds finally did their presentation to me so I could look over the whole SDK before I announced it. And I’m sorry. The thing looks like shit. The nerds were like, “Yeah, but Jobso, who cares, it’s just going to developers, the code all works fine and those guys don’t care if it looks pretty.”

My response: You want to know who cares? I care. Because someone has to. I’m not shipping an SDK with little tiny margins and lousy colors and no sense of balance on the page. I’m just not. So go back and do it again.

They’re furious, of course. Especially because I sent some of Jon Ive’s guys down there to oversee the rewrite and make sure everything looks perfect. And I’m getting involved too with weekly code reviews. Not that I can read code, because I can’t. But I know how code should look on a screen. Which frankly I think is way more important. Don’t tell that to the nerds though. They really think they’re in charge, and there’s no upside in it for me to tell them otherwise. Peace out and hang in there until February.