Point taken — now prepare to be sued

Okay, we get it. You took the soundtrack from our old ad about “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels …” and you put it over a list of third-party iPhone apps that we’re crushing under the heavy treads of our Apple Panzerkampfwagens. And sure, people are wondering, has Apple changed? Now that the company is riding high, are they different? Less free? Less open? The answer is that of course we have not changed one single bit except in the ways where we’ve had to change to deal with business realities and even in those ways we haven’t really changed except in the sense where occasionally we’ve had to readjust our priorities or releverage our emphasis and focus in order to achieve greater synergies across a more diverse set of constituents and a wider range of opportunities. Or something. Yeah. Like that. And yes, we believe that this video does represent an inappropriate appropriation of our copyrighted material; and though you might argue that this use is permitted under the concept of “fair use” and in fact you would likely prevail in court, we’re still probably going to sue your frigtarded ass and lock you up in a long and costly court battle which will drain your bank account dry and ruin your life. Much love, a-hole. Peace out.