PodTech: RIP

Well, they’ve had a good run but apparently the Casa de Scoble is heading for the big sleep. Or is it the dirt nap? I can never remember. No announcement yet but we hear it’s imminent. Word is that Scoble was planning to bail in January anyway but now he won’t have to. Hard to believe PodTech is going under, because they seemed to have such a solid business model. Find people who don’t have much of anything significant or entertaining to say; film them doing this; then sell advertising against the content. What’s not to love? Everybody in the Valley is just really bumming out. Except that of course everyone is also really heartened by this because it really confirms that the Web 2.0 model is viable and is really going to be huge. It’s the whole creative destruction thing. Podtech flames out, but not before showing what’s possible with this new medium. And of course having such a high-profile failure on your resume just makes you incredibly valuable in the Valley. Much love, Podtech. Peace.

UPDATE: Dear Reader Carlos the Jackal informs us that Scoble predicted his own problems in a post last October. No word lately on the troubles inside. So much for naked conversations, and companies telling their customers and audience everything about their business. Gee, and it seemed like such a good idea.