OLPC flack busted for pretending to be FSJ

Wow. Check this out. Wayan Vota, the guy who runs the OLPC News blog, yesterday posted an item agreeing with some of the critical things I’ve written about OLPC. See here. Then the comments came rolling in and one of them, the 10th from the stop, purports to be from “Fake Steve Jobs” and attacks Wayan in a lunatic screed. Just one problem. It wasn’t from me. Another problem. Wayan searched the IP address for the fake FSJ and it’s the same IP address as Racepoint Group, the PR agency that represents OLPC. (See his search results above, and see the original version on a flickr page here.) Wayan originally suspected the perp was George Snell from Racepoint. But then Kyle Austin of Racepoint, another OLPC spokesbot, fessed up.

Bottom line: A flack for OLPC is out commenting on blogs and pretending to be me. Which is, um, weird. Kyle Austin, I pray for your soul. Namaste. Much love. Peace out.