Zen Master Tito

Now, let me be clear in response to some reader comments to my “Go Sox” utterance:

I do not watch sports. People watch sports for me—-mostly to scan the stands for unattractive iPhone users who need to be taken care of.

My people tell me that this “Tito” Francona of the Boston Red Sox is a Zen Master of the first order. I know, I know, he doesn’t look particularly enlightened, but…I am informed that, unlike his predecessors, Tito kept his—apparently bald—head straight during a set of reversals that would have sunk previous incarnations of his team.

There is supposedly some large hitter named Papi, who has hurt his knee. (Have these people never heard of yoga?) He has not performed as well as in the past. And there are various senior citizens on the staff as well as some minors that Tito stuck by. Through thick and thin.

Now, this is not a practice I normally condone. As you know by now, I would have cast such people out long ago. But to each his managerial own.

And they are winners.

I am told some important contests are coming up and so I repeat: “Go Sox.”