The new Zunes (or "Shit Bricks" as we call them at Apple)

Well we didn’t expect much because as everyone knows Microsoft never does anything decent until at least the third rev of any product. But man oh man. Talk about underwhelming. Where to begin? They’ve been in this business for years and this is still the best they can do? Where’s the innovation? Where’s the great leap forward? Where’s the touch screen, or the telephony, or the mail client, or the ability to buy songs over WiFi? I mean it’s nice they have colors besides brown. And I guess the new Zune social networking site will be popular with some tiny percentage of the already tiny number of people who own Zunes. Oh, and they’ve got FM radios. And the big one now holds an astonishing 80 gigabytes. Wow. Beastmaster, you’re losing it, bro. And I say that as a friend. Not really. But I do say it. Much love, losers. iPod Touch is gonna rule this holiday season!