Much love, AP

Forgive me for this but AP has just done a great review of my forthcoming book. See here. Just to set expectations: This ain’t “War and Peace”, or “Remains of the Day.” More like a cross between South Park and Carl Hiaasen. Or like something Tom Wolfe might do if he started smoking crystal meth. The book hits stores Oct. 22 but you can order it now on Amazon. There’s a link on the right side of this page. Makes a terrific holiday gift, and the publisher recommends buying multiple copies at the same time, but please don’t give this to anyone who can’t handle dirty words or is otherwise easily offended. Also, you can’t tell from the image above, but the cover is very very shiny. Like a silver mirror. I just got a few copies this past weekend and, well, let’s just say you’ll notice it on a bookshelf in a store. A guy at the book publisher said they thought the Apple faithful would enjoy looking at their own reflection when they picked up the book. I’m not kidding. He really said that. What can I tell you? The guy uses a Windows 98 laptop. Enough said, right? Poor bastard.