More Mac-bashing flame bait

Well it’s a tried-and-true recipe for the filthy hacks in the computer trades. Bash Apple and pray for traffic. This lame effort by some dude at Computerworld doesn’t even bother to be original. Slow day in the newsroom I guess and the guy’s got a quota to fill, I suppose. Plus all the online publications are now measuring their hacks on traffic and in some cases even paying the poor bastards based on the pageviews they generate. Result? The whole online news business has become a race to the bottom.

Money quote from this Dvorak Wannabee: “I hate everything Apple — starting with rock star wanna-be Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck and jeans on his big, lavish stage, telling the world every three weeks or so how Apple’s newest overpriced gizmo will change the world. Snake oil, anyone? Snarky, sleazy sliminess, anyone?”

Much love the guy who sent this in. He’s a fellow hack at CW who is disgusted by this kind of hate and wants to expose it. Keep fighting the good fight, pal.