More iPhone backlash

This time from MSNBC. Which just happens to be owned by … wait for it … the Borg. Yeah. Shocking, right? Much love to Lee for alerting us to this new attack job. Luckily we knew this would be coming. You can’t have the kind of huge hype like we had for the iPhone and then not have the pendulum come swinging back and hit you in the nuts. Headline is “iRegret” (see here) and I have to say this: Is anyone else as sick as I am of having every filthy hack who writes about Apple products think that it’s really clever to use iThis or iThat in the headline? Get over it, people.

Anyhoo the MSNBC guy says he is going to go back to his Palm Treo (groan) because he likes having a real keyboard (oh please) and a battery he can remove. Here are some highlights from the Borg-owned bash outlet:

So here we are, three months later, and this remarkably inventive device that’s so lacking as an actual phone but so promising as the be-all/end-all gadget is no better than at launch, and even less hopeful because of Apple’s action against iPhone customizations that enable it to do more than just what Apple says it can and should do. …

For the rest of us who believe the first half of the word smartphone is why we want to use one, the iPhone is just too dumb to be taken seriously. Smarten up, Apple, and open up the iPhone. Seriously.

UPDATE: This article apparently was written before we announced our SDK. So to be fair to the hater and to us, that point is something we’ve addressed.

Nevertheless, you know what, Borg-funded Apple hater? My head hurts, so talk to my ass.