More flamebait

Apple faithful, I shouldn’t even bring your attention to this despicable piece of flamebait on ExtremeTech. If you want to spare your eyes the trouble and not worry about killing brain cells by exposing yourself to toxic waste, let me just tell you that the headline is, “The Worst Thing about Macs,” and what he’s referring to is you. Money quote: “The thing I hate most about using a Mac are the Apple fans.” Then he mentions about twenty times how he’s going to get all this hate mail and people are going to call him names. Pretty obvious that’s what he’s hoping for. I mean could this guy be more transparent? Stuff like this just makes me sad. But it’s the price we pay for our purity of spirit. I urge you, all of you, just to ignore this. Practice non-violence. Turn the other cheek. Focus on the beautiful things in this world. Stay positive. (Enough, we get it, Ed.) Peace out. (Photo: Burt Hammer, Dogs Versus Bears magazine.)