More Borg-funded Apple hate

See this site called Much love to dear reader Janek for alerting us to this and to Groklaw for doing the heavy duty investigative work required to turn up the Borg connection. Fair enough, nowhere does the site say that it is funded by the Borg. In fact, curiously enough, there’s absolutely no evidence of this at all. But as Groklaw points out, that’s how you know there is a connection to the Borg. I mean isn’t that just classic Microsoft behavior? And doesn’t anyone else think that it’s maybe just a bit too friggin weird to have an absolute vacuum around this site, and a total absence of any evidence, not even a shred or an inkling of a clue? Someone very, very clever has gone to great lengths to wipe this operation clean of fingerprints. Experience shows us that this is usually the dead giveaway to a Borg-funded operation. Much love to PJ and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for exposing the conspiracy.