Marketing Apple takes a shot at us too

See here. Guy who does a blog about Apple says we’re shooting ourselves in the foot with the way we’re handling iPhone and killing the third-party apps guys. Katie gave me a copy of this along with a zillion others saying more or less the same thing. Money quote from Marketing Apple: “This is classic Steve Jobs trying to control his invention. What’s funny is that this isn’t the Apple way – they thrive on getting other people to help them sell their stuff. But as I said in earlier posts, we’re witnessing a transformation of Apple from a people-centric computer company to a product-centric consumer electronics company. I, for one, think Apple needs to wake up and see that its early adopters are working hard to make their products more marketable.”

Everyone around here is rushing around freaking out saying we’re heading into a disaster. Steve Dowling says we’re like the guys in The Perfect Storm, heading out into the ocean in our tiny fishing boat, with no idea what’s heading toward us.

I, however, remain safely ensconced in my Jobsian Zen bubble, still confident that we are one hundred percent not guilty, er, one hundred percent correct, and that iPhone has already become the world’s top-selling mobile phone and that nothing can stop us now from completely taking over the world. Now I must return to the Tassajara room for another sixty-minute session of chanting, “I am right. I am right. I am right.”

Meanwhile, will everyone please stop worrying? And will someone please cue up the Lothar and the Hand People album and bring me a friggin chai latte at exactly one hundred and sixty-five degrees? Do I have to do everything myself around here? Jesus.