It’s true, we trust our users

See this wonderful story with a great video praising us for not putting users through the hassles off activation codes the way Microsoft does. Money quote: “This is more than just “mac vs pc” guys and gals. This is about core beliefs. It’s about trust. Yes, that word again. Tired of it yet? How can you be? How often is it in this day and age you find someone who just trusts you automatically? Most of the time, individuals and companies alike generally distrust anyone and everyone until proven wrong. It’s nice for once to have the opposite be true.”

I’d like to point something out here. We trust users. It’s true. The reason we do this is because we want to start a chain reaction. We trust you, and then you trust sommeone else, and then they trust someone else. Pretty soon everyone is trusting the people around them. What happens then? No more war. Instead, peace. You see? And it all starts with a little piece of software. Like a butterfly’s wings starting an earthquake, as the story goes in that old Chinese proverb.