I told Katie this would happen

This is exactly why I didn’t want to do the $100 rebate over iPhone. I told Katie, if you show any sign of weakness, these assholes will jump all over you. Now, sure enough, the Mac Minitards are screaming for a free upgrade to Leopard. See their pathetic petition here. They say they bought their Minis recently and so they should get a free software update. Good grief. And why is it always the Mini owners? Cheap bastards who wouldn’t spring for a real Mac in the first place. Now they want free software too. Folks, do you realize how much work it takes to make something like Leopard? Do you realize what an amazing deal this already is at $129? Get real. Do you have any idea how many people struggled and suffered and worked nights and weekends and endured countless humiliating tirades from me in order to create this incredible work of art? And you want a freebie cause you bought the cheapest machine in our product line? Please. It’s an insult to our developers. Much love to John for alerting me to this travesty.