Good grief. Now she’s dressing him. And they’re going out as a matched set.

Just look at poor Woz in his black-on-black outfit looking like Regis Philbin hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Look at his eyes. Guy looks real comfortable, doesn’t he? My goodness. The poor dude is terrified. He looks like the creature in Young Frankenstein when Gene Wilder brings him out on stage. You know what? Woz should be terrified. For one thing, she’s taking him to a casino. She probably thinks he’s like Rainman and he can count cards at blackjack. The story on this (see here) reveals that Griffin dumped her husband last year after he allegedly stole $70,000 from her. In other words, this is a lady for whom the loss of $70,000 is a firing offense. A lady who, when someone takes $70,000 from her, actually notices it. And misses it. And gets mad. Who wants to be a millionaire? I think we know the answer to that one.