Goatberg struts his stuff

Every once in a while old Walt dazzles us with a piece thst shows once again why he is the king of all tech journos. And today he’s done it again, saying what all of us know to be true — the U.S. mobile phone system sucks, and there’s no way consumers will continue to put up with it. It’s absolutely stupid that carriers control what phones can run on their networks and what features and software those phones can have. Like all senseless systems, this will change. In ten years, and maybe much sooner, we will look back on horror at the system we live with today. Just as we look back on the old system where Ma Bell could charge ridiculous prices for long-distance and international calls. And don’t worry, Apple faithful. Google is pushing for a change. So are we. It will happen. Meanwhile, much love to Walt for helping push our agenda. Thanks also to dear reader Steve for the tip.