FSJ book reading and party in Santa Monica, Oct. 24

Dear reader Todd, who lives in Los Angeles, is making arrangements to host an FSJ book event on October 24 at 7 p.m. in Santa Monica. This is not at a bookstore but at a private location — his company’s offices — in downtown Santa Monica. Todd says anyone is welcome to attend but to get the address you need to send him an RSVP.

His email: FSJinLA@gmail.com. Not sure exactly what’s on the agenda. Smoothies, yoga, meditation? Maybe. Or possibly some four-way blotter acid. We’ll see. Please send Todd an email ASAP so he can get a handle on how many people to expect. Much love, peace out and namaste — soon we shall honor the place where all of us become one.

The email again: FSJinLA@gmail.com.

UPDATE: This event will be at a company offices and will need to be pretty much a straight-up book event — that is, maybe some reading or speaking, but no blotter acid. And there’s security involved, etc., since the location, which I can’t disclose, is a very famous but super hush-hush type organization. The book stuff will last about an hour and then we’ll go to a pub nearby, location still TBD. Some of you may want to skip the bookish high-security stuff and just hit the pub around 8 p.m. We’ll figure out which bar and post it beforehand. Peace.