Dear Greenpeace: I’m still waiting for my apology

Under pressure from Apple lovers (and truth lovers) the greentards at Greenpeace who put out their big report condemning iPhone now admit that, um, well, in fact iPhone actually complies with European regulations. So what the fuck was all that noise about then? As the good folks at The Register ask: “Why get stroppy when Apple has not exceeded the limits it has set itself or those imposed upon it by Europe’s RoHS regulations? What about all the other phone makers out there? We’d guess it’s because Apple is an easy target, and Greenpeace knows iPhone related commentary gains press coverage. Perhaps that’s why it’s chosen to lay into the Apple handset rather than others.”

Well I’m sitting here waiting for my perfectly safe iPhone to ring so that I can hear some smelly European grovel and apologize to me. But I’m not holding my breath.