Borg to Facebook:

Man oh man. I’m sure you’ve seen the news but just in case see this story by Brad Stone aka the world’s greatest investigative journalist. Microsoft will pay $240 million for a 1.6% share, valuing Facebook at $15 billion. I talked to Beastmaster about this yesterday and I think I understand where he’s going with this. Basically he’s not looking at it from an investment perspective. He doesn’t care what valuation this places on Facebook. He’s looking at what it’s worth to own the ad traffic on Facebook over the next few years, both inside and outside the United States. Also, Beastmaster told me that he really didn’t care what he had to spend; from now on the mantra at the Borg is they are not going to lose out on any deals because of money. Main reason Beastmaster loves Facebook is because they’ve created a walled garden where Google can’t play. Anything that screws up Google is music to Beastmaster’s ears.

Basically, little Faceberg made himself valuable by putting himself in the middle of the crossfire between two giants that hate each other. Nice move, Faceberg. I must admit it. You’re no Jobso, but you’re damn close. Namaste. And go Sox. (Photo: Locutus Deborg, Redmond magazine.)