Asshat quote of the day

Much love to dear reader Laurie from San Francisco who sent in a link to this article from today’s New York Times and highlights the following paragraph:

“The whole idea behind Zune is much broader than the devices themselves,” said J Allard, the Microsoft vice president who oversees design and development for consumer products like the Zune and the Xbox 360 game consoles. “The conditioned thought is around a portable device being the center point of the experience, when in fact it’s not. It really is about how do we start taking Zune beyond that device.” He said the social networking would appeal to Zune owners and people who had not bought the device.

Wow. Look at him up there, all non-conditioned and talking about taking customers beyond the device. Like where are you going to take them if you don’t first have a device they really want? It’s like saying it’s great to buy a Yugo because the experience isn’t really about being in the car, it’s beyond that.

Beastmaster, you are in worse trouble than we thought, and I’m not sure you can squirt your way out of it. And yes, this makes me happy. Very, very happy. Welcome to the social, frigtard. Peace out.

(Photo: Frank Shaw, ZuneBeat.)