Asshat of the Week award

This week’s “Assy” goes to computer industry legend Dave Winer for complaining about his iPhone ringer being broken or not working and then finding out that, um, all he had to do was flip a friggin switch. See here. I mean come on. We’ve got dogs using iPhone. We’ve got one-year-olds using it. And yet David Winer, one of the biggest living legends of technology, can’t follow the instructions on his little pamphlet? BTW, FWIW, according to his website David invented RSS, XML, blogs, Internet video, VOIP, HTML, podcasting, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Perl and Linux. He also co-invented Netscape Navigator before Marc Andreessen got involved and was one of the original co-founders of America Online. He’s a recipient of the Turing Award, and in his spare time he writes Groklaw with Eric Raymond. And he has a master’s degree. In computer science. But he can’t operate an iPhone. And his first thought was that this must be our fault. Siooma, Whiny.