Andrew Tobias suffers a problem with his iPhone

Check out his wonderful essay here where he goes on about how terrific our tech support team is. Seems he needed help with his God Phone after its God Screen went partially numb and he couldn’t make any God Calls or read any God Email. Not our fault but even so he was able to come to an Apple store and in less than twenty four hours and after only two visits to our store and a really incredibly short 40-minute wait, one of our Geniuses took a look at the phone that Andrew had destroyed and without question just replaced it with a fully functioning refurbished unit.

Okay, not really. Andrew has the absolute temerity to call us “idiots” and says forty minutes is too long to wait to get a free phone. Wow. Talk about arrogance. Just look at him in that picture. Mr. “I went to Harvard and I’m the treasurer of the Democratic National Committee.” Big pals with Al Gore, breezing into an Apple store and expecting to pull a Woz and cut the line and get special treatment. Sorry, Andrew. That’s not how Apple works. We’re a meritocracy. That’s why I’m in charge. Much love to Kevin for alerting us to this latest unfair assault on our reputation. (Photo paid for by Norman Hsu, Democratic National Committee.)