Analyze this

So you really must check out this article where a psychotherapist explains what all this griping about the locked-down iPhone is all about. Basically he says I’m the big Dad figure and you’re all a bunch of whiny, spoiled children. Here are some highlights:

“Dad” turned out, for some, to be a family tyrant, dictating to his teenage children new limitations and expectations: “I know what’s best for you, and right now is not a good time to open up the iPhone.” What made matters worse for some in the Apple family was Steve Jobs getting into bed with a new stepmother: AT&T. Like many children from a blended marriage, we were not privy to what really attracted Dad to his new wife, our new “mother”, but we were told it was for the best, and we’d learn to like her in time.

Certain unhappy adolescents believed they were entitled to do what they liked and ignore Dad’s rules, and were dismayed that when he said he was going to ground them for their breaches, he really meant it! Hence, bricked iPhones with others in the family saying “well, you got what you had coming – don’t say you weren’t warned.”

The secret unconscious desire for many hackers is for Dad to publicly recognise them, and to offer them jobs within Apple. When Dad doesn’t do this, and indeed seems to thwart them, then Oedipal rivalry occurs, a love-hate relationship with Dad, and a desire to harm him. Thus the many writers who now say they won’t buy an iPhone or who tell others that Apple is not the same company they knew it to once be …

Never fear, however. The good doctor says everything will be all right and by January the whole family should be feeling much better when they see what Dad is up to. Until then, you can all just shut up or I will turn this car around right now and go straight home.