Al tells me to back off

Just called. He’s like, Steve, I really appreciate your sentiments on this idea about me running for office, but honestly, you really need to drop that line of thinking. Or at least stop talking about it in public. Do you have any idea what Hillary has threatened to do to me if I try to run against her? It’s not just idle talk, brother. These people play for keeps. I mean, have you read “Primary Colors”? Do you have any idea what we’d be dealing with? One example. Tipper called me this morning. Our cat is missing. Mr. Bojangles. Right. Then I get a call from Hillary to congratulate me on the prize and she says, “Oh, and how’s the family? Kid doing fine? Say, do you still have that little black-and-white cat?” Then she does that weird laugh of hers. You think that’s a coincidence? No way. It’s a warning. It’s their way of letting me know, Don’t even think about it. So look, Steve, I’m begging you. Ixnay on the ampaign-cay, all right? It just ain’t gonna happen. I’m sorry.