Vivendi says we’re "indecent"

See this article where they claim we’re taking too big a share of iTunes revenue and they say our contract terms are indecent. I told you a backlash was coming. Here it is. The media guys are calling in all their favors with the hacks in the press and launching a huge campaign to portray Apple as the big bad guy, the evil monopolist putting the squeeze on the poor little record companies. Story behind the story is they all just woke up and realized that they’ve lost control of their own industry. Now they’re desperately scrambling to get back on their feet. Of course it’s too late. But they’re not going to go down easy. They’re going to fight like a pack of cornered rats. Our job is to control the damage and get these rats into a big canvas bag and toss them in a river. For a while we thought we might be able to herd them along happily but now it is clear that this is not going to happen. It’s going to be a street fight. Ugly, bloody, messy. We’re going to get bitten a few times. But we’ll win. Trust me. We’ll win.