Truly, we rock

So Computerworld asked some testing lab to compare iPhone to the Nokia N95 and the HTC (aka “Heavy Taiwanese Crap”) Touch in terms of usability. Money quote: “Let’s cut to the bottom line: In terms of usability, iPhone blew away its two competitors. Its overall score in the usability tests was 4.6 out of 5. The HTC Touch was a distant second at 3.4, and the Nokia N95 scored 3.2. `Testers were [typically] about twice as fast doing specific tasks on the iPhone, which is pretty remarkable,’ Thornton said.”

Take that, naysayers. So much for all that bogus gunk about our keyboard being hard to use. See the full story here. I’m so excited I just told Sveta the flight attendant to get a bottle of champagne and come sit on my lap.