Switchers testify in Wall Street Journal

Check out this wonderful article where a reporter at the Journal said he was pondering switching from Windows to Mac, and he asked people for advice and got swamped with mail from folks who switched and were, well, “happy” is not a big enough word. Articles like these, with real people telling real stories, are worth more than all of our advertising. Meanwhile loads of folks are sending me links to that Randall Stross story in the New York Times in which an analyst named Roger Kay is quoted saying we have 3% market share and that we’ve missed our opportunity to gain share during the Vista stumble. The theory is that Vista is about to pick up steam and our brief moment in the sun is almost over. I’m not going to link to the story because it’s complete hogwash and was absolutely not vetted and cleared by Apple public relations. But I will say this. I’m just terribly tired of hearing people spout these made-up market share numbers. But if that’s how they want to play it, fine. We’ll make up our own figures and cite them over and over until they start to seem true. (Just like they do on Fox News.) So, from here on out, I’m saying we have 30% market share. And we’re gaining. Bokay? That’s the official word.