Suck it, Palm. Suck it hard.

So they’ve killed the Foleo. Big surprise. I knew it was a dud as soon as they unveiled it at the D show. So did everyone else at the conference, including Goatberg, though he didn’t let on. He just assigned the write-up to one of his guys so he wouldn’t have to do the dirty work. Word is that McNamee and Bono and the rest of the boys at Elevation had something to do with the mercy killing. I called Bono to check but he’s on a retreat at some monastery in Thailand and can’t be reached. Which I guess means that yeah, he did have something to do with it. Thing about Bono is, he really takes this stuff personally. He hates conflict, and he hates making hard decisions, especially ones where people get laid off or disappointed or whatever. So after something like this he has to retreat from the world and cleanse his soul. McNamee, on the other hand, totally gets off on this stuff. He was out partying at Chantilly last night and laughing his ass off, telling everyone how he did his “taking the monster out of its cage” routine and made Jeff Hawkins cry like a little girl.

Meanwhile, I know what you’re wondering. Did I take pleasure from reading Palm CEO Ed Colligan’s groveling blog post where he explained why he was killing the Foleo? Okay. Truth is, I did. A lot. I called McNamee and told him he should cancel the rest of the Palm product line too and save me the trouble of having to kill it piece by piece. He told me to get stuffed. Well, I’m sorry, but it’s true. Apple faithful, we are steamrolling over these guys, one by one. The next year is going to be really ugly. Or really beautiful, depending on your point of view.

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