Stallman speaks: Blah blah freedom mwah patents blah Microsoft mwah evil blah blah

King of the freetards is starting to sound like a broken record. Check out this interview where he says, uh, the same stuff he’s already said a million times. Microsoft is evil; patents are evil; Torvalds is a tool. Why do people continue to interview this dyspeptic coot?

Then again, you have to be impressed by the widespread adoption of Saint Richard’s new GPLv3. I mean, see the list of adopters here. In just four months they’ve managed to line up hundreds of really important projects, like “Goggles Music Manager” “Groinc the simple network sniffer,” “YeastsIdentification,” (very useful at freetard conventions), “Zapto Richtext Editor (ZRE),” and “ZipSnap.”

Well it’s only a matter of time before all those big companies that sat on the GPLv3 drafting committees jump on board too. HP, IBM, Sun. And just loook at the love and admiration that RMS is getting on Slashdot, for example in this string. Truly the proprietary model is in its final death throes. “Viva la revolucion!” as the tenured professors in Cambridge say. (Photo: Burt Hammer, El Pais.)