Protests have begun

Remember this dame? Well, she’s back, and she’s brought her little doll with her, only this time she’s pissed. This is her standing in the angry mob outside my house this morning, going, “Steve Jobs! Steve Jobs! I know you’re in there! Can you see me? Can you see what I’m doing to this doll? Same thing you’ve done to us! Okay? I’ve got three fingers up there, Jobso! Three! Can you feel it? Does it hurt? You crook! You bastard! You criminal! I want my two-hundred-dollar rebate! Do you hear me? I’ll buy a Zune! And a Dell! I’ll do it! I swear to God I’ll do it!”

Damn. Last night they were out there holding a candlelight vigil and singing “We Shall Overcome.” To hell with it. I’m calling the police.

(Photo by Barry Lunger for