Our new ads in England

Check it out. Bono and I got invited to the palace for tea. Fun-tastic. I was totally nervous and had to drink some cough syrup with codeine right before we went in just to calm my nerves and take the edge off. But you know what? This lady is totally cool and down to earth. And she totally gets it. She was laughing her ass off about how we frigged with the wireless carriers in the UK and treated them like a pack of little bitches. “They’re all bastards anyway,” she says. Better yet, she’s got an iPod, loves it. Listens to Coldplay. Bought a new MacBook Pro a few months ago, and loves that too. She’s all over OS X and wants to see a beta copy of Leopard and says she’s heard bad things about Stacks. Who knew? I told her we’d ship over a few goodies and she said, “Oh, mummy just loves goodies.” Little secret, however: Up close she’s got that “old people” smell. I am so not kidding you. (Photo courtesy of Dear Reader Jason.)