Okay, so you just bought an iPhone and now you’re pissed

I know. It hurts. You showed your faith in Apple and bought early. Heck, maybe you waited in line. And this is how we say thanks? We cut the friggin price on you? Well, if it’s any consolation, you’re not half as pissed as Stan Sigman (photo) from AT&T Wireless. We just stole away his music downloads with our WiFi music store, and wiped out his ringtone sales by offering them ourselves. Stan’s admin, Bryan McSimmins, has been calling my office every three minutes for the past hour. Ja’Red says he can hear Sigman in the background smashing things and swearing. This just in. Now Bryan McSimmins says he’ll hold until Mr. Jobs become available. Little message to you, Bryan McSimmins: Keep holding. (Photo by Chuck Mangina for Cat Fancy magazine.)