News flash: Peter Kafka of Silicon Alley Insider called this whole thing

See here where the Alley Insider explains that today’s Apple announcements are a snub to AT&T. They were the first — the first, do you hear me! — to figure out the huge implications of today’s Apple news. God almighty. They see right through me. Well, dudes, you’re right. You deserve the praise. These guys at AI — starting from the head honcho, world-renowned stock analyst Henry Blodget, right down the line — are just the sharpest, most insightful guys in business journalism today. They’re the new Valleywag, the new Gawker. Right up there in that league anyway.

Just in case you didn’t realize how incredibly brilliant they are, AI writer Dan Frommer points out that his boss Peter Kafka correctly predicted a week ago that the Beatles iTunes deal was a no-go. Frommer even links to the article where Kafka made his amazing prediction so you can see it. Now look. Peter’s kind of proud of himself on this one. He’s still calling all his friends to crow about how he got it right. Katie Cotton says he’s been bugging her all day, saying, Now can I have a press pass? Huh? Now will you take us seriously? Now will you invite us to your events? Answer: Um, no. Neither will Google. Look, guys. You’re nice guys. You’re doing some good stuff. But come on. You’re three guys with a Web site. You managed to raise some money from a couple of Henry’s rich friends, and you’re having some fun. Get a grip. (Photo by Jake Malone, courtesy of Tiger Beat.)